Market Cooperation

As an Infantile educational toy expert.

We have numbers of wholesale partners in many Chinese provinces and cities, Europe and the United States and other countries, regions. Our sales network is all over the world.
In the future, five star toys is willing to reach a deeper market cooperation with more maternal and infant stores, children's amusement parks, early education centers, kindergartens and other related institutions in the field of maternal and infant products.



Gift Purchase and Sale

Fivestar Toys provides gift purchasing services to meet the personalized needs of customers. We will provide a reasonable customized plan for large-scale collective purchasing projects.
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Service Process:

Customer Demand


Scheme Planning


Sample Confirmation


Massive Production


Quality Inspection


Logistics Delivery


After-sales Service


Join Us


Five star toys co., LTD Join condition

1. A company or individual with terminal development, promotion and operation capabilities.

2. With pioneering and innovative passion, the conviction to win and a strong sense of enterprise.

3. View risk correctly with strong social activity ability, have good management thought and experience.

4.Agree with the company's business philosophy and marketing strategy

5. Strong brand awareness and long-term development vision

6.Willing to accept the company's price system, after-sales service standards, channels and regional protection and other market policies

contact information:

contact number: +86-0754-85516000  



Five star toys co., LTD Join Support:

1. Ensure franchisee's interest in the authorized territory
2. Professional after - sales service, maintain your sales with no worries.
3. Provide sales "nanny-style" service in the whole process, introduce international advanced management mode, advanced retail management system, improve customer operation ability
4. New product information, promotional activities, business personnel tracking services, the company's website update system content in a timely manner
5. The company provides franchisee with product expertise and sales skills training, industry knowledge and excellent team building training
6. We will give you preferential price and excellent quality


Cross-border Cooperation

15 countries and regions have established their own sales system

Five star toys has established its own sales system in 15 countries and regions around the world, serving the healthy growth of more than 10 million babies, maintaining long-term good cooperative relations with many world-famous maternal and child channels, and actively laying out a global sales network.

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