Company profile

Five Star Toys,founded in 1995, is a professional large-scale company specialized in infant toys, integrating research, development, design, production and sales all together. Over the past 25 years, our products have been exported to nearly 100 countries and regions such as Europe, America, north Asia and the Middle East,providing excellent products and services to children around the world.

Five Star Toys always adheres to its mission, which is "producing toys like producing food". By studying the physical and intellectual development of 0-6 year old babies at different periods, we have developed products that are characteristic with eco-friendly, safe design and rich functions. By treating each toy with high standards, we hope to create fantastic products that are able to promote children’s physical and intellectual development. As an ultimate goal of the company, we are making great efforts to have our toys being an indispensable part in children‘s life.

Our company manages four self-owned brands, which are Five Star Toy", "Ballie princess", "Beilexing" and "Duoqile". Main products series include rattle, play house, cash register, educational toys, baby products, etc. Five Star Toys has always been highly regarded by many organizations for its outstanding product quality. With all the trust from all over the world, we are strongly committed to building a high-value "Made in China" brand, as we always are.

Product Development Concept

★ Produce toys like producing food

Five-star toys has insisted our brand concept with strict standards for years, which is "Produce toys like producing food" . Our toys is not just a simple toy, but something that can arouse children curiosity, explore child imagination, promote child hand-eye brain all-round development, and accompanied children every moment. Therefore, our toys have a high standard in terms of safety, in order to become baby’s indispensable fun childhood friend

Our Culture

★ Produce toys like producing food

Five Star advocates and encourages employees to be guided by the spirit of innovation, to have the courage to create, to be willing to create. We advocate the value of innovation, and to surpass ourselves. We constantly improve our competitiveness, and realize the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the company in the process of "becoming bigger and stronger".  To maintain our tradition of innovation, safety and excellence, we offer our customers the best products and services. Through the power of teamwork, we challenge ourselves to excellence and strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.

★ Customer- oriented and trust worthy

Being customer-oriented, fully understand the explicit and potential needs of customers, to provide customers with high quality and safe quality products. Taking employees as the foundation, advocating knowledge, respecting talents, and providing sufficient development opportunity for employees. Through the innovation of management, technology, system and market, comprehensively improve the company's operating management and technique, and to improve the enterprise's operating vitality and cohesion. Trust from the society is extremely important to us. Through years of work, we have gained fully trust from not only inside the company, but also from every aspects of the outside world.

★ Client comes first, and profit comes the second

he market economy needs the mutual trust and support of suppliers and dealers. In terms of profit distribution, we believe that the first is the interests of customers. If our products cannot create interests for customers, customers will not buy our products and we will not have profits. Therefore, we advocate the customer interest first, our profit second business philosophy.