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Teach you how to identify the quality of plush toys

Industry news
2017/09/20 15:20
Now plush toy market dazzling, the price is also uneven, the baby is concerned, followed by entertainment, safety first. How to identify the quality of toys is good or bad, but a lot of father and mother headache a problem.
Today to teach you five strokes to let you learn how to tell the quality of plush toys:
    First, look at the appearance of work is fine, modeling is beautiful and lovely. The general manufacturers will be in the plush toy design up and down a lot of effort, and small factories will only imitate other people's modeling, often using poor materials, and the quality of rough work, made out of plush toys miserable, it is difficult to see The So, when you choose plush toys can not just look at the size and price. You will be in the toy toy wholesale market will be found in the same store there will be dozens of plush dogs, the same is 30CM, the price from 10 yuan to 50 yuan range. You will find that the more you feel the more lovely the more expensive the price. Because the use of better materials, deal with more details, the work done more sophisticated, need to invest more manpower and resources.
    Second, feel good, material selection how. Good plush toys outside the use of ultra-soft fabric texture compact, cashmere more dense, do not see the texture of the following velvet, feel very soft and comfortable, you can feel on the face, dough feeling, and the use of cheap Of the short hair fabric, velvet sparse, you can see the flannel, feel hard on the face to feel a little bit of people.
    Third, see how the filler. Good plush toys inside the use of white PP cotton. If it is deflated in transit, it is easy to recover. Press by hand, very flexible. Poor plush toys inside the black heart with cotton, or less loaded PP cotton, filling only half of the plush toys, press the press, the flexibility sent a lot of difference.
    Four, look at the price. See the price. Buy things do not buy expensive, but can not be cheap to buy quality of the residual. Usually the price is more expensive than the cheap quality. Poor quality plush toys are easy to dirty and produce bacteria that affect health. Especially children, like mouth bite, easy to dirty easily hair removal, but not for children to play.
    Look at brands and businesses. General formal brand products, quality assurance, more stringent control of the channel, large business is the purchase of these guaranteed products. Large businessmen usually to maintain their own reputation, the sale of goods will have strict quality control will not have counterfeit imitation, which is a further guarantee to consumers.